Information on how to use the Fair Entry Program.

Tips for using Fair Entry: Click Here

Short video on entering, Click Here

  Exhibitor Group (Family) Entry

·         St Louis County Fair has dates when entry is accepted into the fair. Be sure to complete your entries (including the final “Submit” step) prior to the cut-off date.

·         Register all entries for each exhibitor in the family before proceeding to the Payment section. The St. Louis Conty Fair has no entry fees for lots (classes) bur in in some animal division there is a small charge for pens.

·         Be sure to click the “Submit” button when you have completed your entries. Entries are not final until they have been submitted.

·         Check your email inbox for a confirmation email with a list of your entries and any related fees.

·         You will receive a second email when your entries have been approved by your fair or show.

    To access St Louis County Fair, Click Here

1.      If you have registered for a Fair with FairEntry before, enter your login information.

2.      If you have not registered with FairEntry before, select to Create a New Account. Follow the instructions to create your account.

3.      Click “Begin Registration”

4.      Enter the exhibitor information into the required fields. Some forms may require different information depending on the Fair or Show.
5.      (If you entered/spelled something incorrectly on the previous screen, you have the option to Delete this Exhibitor on this screen.) Enter the information on the Contact Info screen—the only required field is the top Home Phone Number. You can use the same email address that you used to create the account, or an alternate one unique to the exhibitor. If they wish to receive text messages, enter the cell phone number and carrier. That number can be the same as the Home Phone Number entered above, or different. Click Continue when you are finished entering data.

6.      Enter the mailing address. All fields, except Address continued, are required. If the exhibitor has the same address as another exhibitor in the Exhibitor Group, simply click “Copy” to add the address to the current Exhibitor record. Click Continue when all information is entered correctly.

7.      Any additional questions, those will be step 4 or 5 on the progress bar at the top. Answer any questions, and click Continue.

If your fair requires you to upload any files for the exhibitor, those will be step 5 or 6 on the progress bar. Upload requested files, and click Continue.

Review the exhibitor information. If any information is incorrect, click the green Edit button in the appropriate group to change it. When all information is correct, click Continue to Entries.

                                                Creating Entries

Each exhibitor can have multiple entries. One entry must be made for each item, animal, class, etc. For example, if an exhibitor is bringing 2 photographs, two entries into the photography class must be created. If an exhibitor is showing one horse in 5 events, five class entries must be created. Once all entries have been created for the first exhibitor, you have the choice of creating another exhibitor in this exhibitor group (and entries) or proceeding to check-out (submitting the entries, whether or not fees are charged).

Click Add an Entry beside the correct exhibitor (if more than one has been created).

Click Select beside the first department you wish to enter. Any departments that are not available for entry will be noted as “Not Available” with a short explanation.

After you select a department, you will see a list of divisions to select from, and then a list of available classes. Also notice that there are blue “Change” links in case you mistakenly select an incorrect department, division, or class.

After you have selected the class, click the green Choose button.

1.      If your fair or show has turned on the Multiple Entries option for this area, you will see a screen similar to the view at the right. If you do not see check-boxes next to each class, this area uses the single-entry process (see step 14).

2.      Click Change to select the Club to which these entries will be associated.

3.      If this is an Animal Entry, click Add Animal and enter the Animal’s details.

4.      If this is a pen or group entry, Add multiple animals and then select to Enter a pen of animals.

5.      Select which animals will be part of this entry (NOTE: these animals will be available for this exhibitor to use in other entries, if needed).

Check the box next to each class this animal will enter.

If this is not an animal entry or if animals will be added at check-in, simply select the classes and number of entries in each class that you would like to create for this exhibitor. Click Continue